Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Pre-travel amusement

Its amazing how much junk one accumulates over the years. Just this afternoon when I had finally decided to clear my room so that my folks won't have reason to meddle with my belongings, I realised I still had odds and ends of my Dunman High days stashed away in some remote corner of my room. Its a miracle that no colony of any sort grew out of these mounds of paper.

Been doing the necessary packing and I'm still bothered by that "I think I forgot something but don't know what" feeling. My friend Ah Beng told me to make a list but the real deal is what's NOT on the list. But seriously, I haven't felt this loved and blessed for a long time. From all corners of my life came very timely loans which undoubtedly saved me huge sums of money. The credits go something like this:

Samuel from church: NIKE ACG fleece jacket
Lyndon my band mate: Hooded pullover
Shaun my gay bud since we were 5: Laptop bag
Derrick my other gay bud when Shaun ain't free: SAF Gortex Boots
Bernice, Delia's sis: Socket adapters
Chien friend from JC: More socket adapters
Junhao fellow choirboy in VJ: Maglite which I don't know why I requested for
My 37 year old elder sister: Samsonite suitcase and travel insurance with her compliments

I think there are more but age has caught up with me. Incidently I rediscovered the one useful thing which SAF teaches all mankind...ZIPLOCK BAGS!!!!! Nifty things, do check them out.

Last note....MOE HASN'T PAID MR LIN!


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