Monday, October 03, 2005

Bulb brightens

After spending about 2 months here I guess I shoud share what has been revealed to me through my experiences. Being on exchange gives you the joy of not having to study. I kid you not. Especially when you major in a subject that has no wrong answer. If you just turn in your work you'll probably get a C, which is what I need to pass.

For those who have been victims of my periods of traumatic stress, you would know I struggle with self esteem and have a tendancy to compare myself with others. Wel, being here has made me realised that if I could just stop comparing myself to others to feed my own ego, I can actually find a WHOLE lot more enjoyment in what I do. I have never enjoyed sitting through a lecture this much with the knowledge that my grades don't matter. I finally could sit back, relax, enjoy the wealth of information that is being shared and enjoy sitting till 3am (to my freshie roomie's disgust) reading my course materials and doing essays without stressing over my CAP score which now hangs dangerously in the balance. I get so much more out of it now that I'm not underpressure to perform.

Its time to stop, ponder and align, and to enjoy to the fullest, what God has given me to do, be it History, Bass playing or my new found hobby, cooking, to the best of my abilities regardless of how they might compare.

To hell with my CAP score. I love history (I know..I'm a geek) and nothing's gonna stop me from enjoyng it...I hope