Thursday, September 08, 2005

Gentlemen under one roof part 1

Communal living can be quite a challenge especially when we all aren't familiar with each other. But sometimes, it can really bring bouts of laughter too. I'm staying at a dorm which as a suite style layout which means 2 guys to 1 room, 2 rooms to 1 suite, 4 guys to a toliet. The problem of living under such an arrangement is that we are totally responsible for our own toliet, no cleaner is going to come round and make sure everything is an order. It also means that we need to get our own toilet paper. Us being the refined and sophisticated gentlemen that we are, have a toilet paper usage rate of 1 roll a day. Yesterday it dawned on me that none of us have realised that we have run out of toliet paper. As such, the situation has become so desperate that my suitemates have resorted to using paper towels. Ah manhood.....


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