Wednesday, September 21, 2005

How to have a great day part deux

Step one: Get yourself an invite to a IVCF small group that you don't belong to

Step two: Trek 30mins across campus to get to someone eles's dorm

Step three: Find yourself wearing the exact same t-shirt as the small group leader who incidently comes from Singapore and doing his Bsc here.

Step four: Do a study of Luke chapter 1

Step five: State the obvious

Step six: Relive the complex simplicity of the Christian faith

Step seven: Get an invite to the other small group leader's house. He comes from Texas and is very aptly named Walker

Step eight: Find out that this "house" cost half a mil and was bought by one of the 5 guy's dad.

Step nine: Find out this house has everything from ping-pong table to a vintage vending machine that works

Step ten: Find out those guys are paying less for rent than you are

Lastly: Get jealous


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