Friday, September 16, 2005

Someone set me up!

Rights, some of you probably know that I'm taking this course called "Intro to Hebrew Bible" here. It was done under the instigation of a good friend who came to Chapel Hill 2 years ago and took the same course. "Oh take that course" she said. "Its fun" she said. Well, she failed to mention that I have to do an essay everyweek! Its 2 pages, supposedly short, but today we were told of the hidden expectations that the new lecturer (from Harvard no less) has for us. Outcome of this was the fact that over 80% of the entire class of 200 students received a C for their first assignment. Here's the catch. Your friend here surprisingly managed to get a B. Now, a B would usually upset me but this time I make the exception. I attribute my fortune to the training I received in NUS trying to please demanding History professors. Guess we are doing something right back home after all.

Oh yeah. To that friend: No hard feelings! = p