Monday, October 24, 2005

Post Fall Break

Rights. Just had my fall break and off I went to Chicago. Windy City one might ask. Definitely! Wind chill was...well....splendid. It was a pretty relaxing trip. Stayed with friends of Andreas and one of them turned out to be my VJC senior. Talk about small world yes? Personal highlight of the trip was my pilgrimage to Buddy Guy's Legends. For the uninformed, that's a Blues Club spewing good old Chicago Blues. The man himself wasn't there sadly...but was good!

Little advertisement, my friend Lyndon and I have set up a little venture importing CDs of Seth Horan, an indie bassist, back to Singapore. To all my bassist friends out there (Yes! That means you Marcus Khoo!), check out for info and sound clips. If you are interested, you can get the CDs off us. Do our bit to help fellow bassists!