Saturday, October 08, 2005

Why marry a bass player?

Following ideas drawn from article by Robin Meloy Goldbys as found in Sep 2005 Bass Player

Why should ladies seriously consider a bass player as your partner.


Bass Players are inadvertently strong. Do you have any idea how heavy a bass guitar is? A bass player has no trouble picking you up and swinging you around just because he can. Of course he’ll be handy to carry things around the house.

Bass players love the curves of their bass guitars, of course they’ll also love those curves of yours.

Bass players need to stretch their hands to reach those frets. Imagine what those hands can do to you.

Bass players are team players. Always there supporting the show. Absolutely no airs. Always ready to change keys to suit you.

Minor Drawbacks

You need to find furniture to match those bass guitars

You’ll have to incorporate the phrase “Watch the bass” into everyday sentences with your children. Example: “Hi darling! Watch the bass. How was school? Watch the bass. What would you like for lunch?”

You’ll perhaps be doomed to MPVs instead of that sporty new BMW Z4 to fit all the music gear.

And no...I'm not advertising for myself. But there are plenty of single, available and willing bass players around...just let me hook you with one.