Thursday, December 01, 2005

Did I mention?

Did I mention that the Depps have 10 children? The immediate family size constitute 27.5 members. .5 because one is on the way. But too bad I didn't get to meet all of them. My friend Tim is the youngest of 10..which explains his hyper-activity sometimes. Besides him, I met eldest sis Laura and her family and middle child of them all, Martha and her dog Dresden.

Oh, did I mention that Waxhaw is a major centre for two mission organisations? Summer Institute of Linguistics (Part of Wyclife Bible Translators) and Jungle Aviation and Radio Services, JAARS. 70% of the population are involved in those two organisations. Which means we have an entire community of missionaries who have spent a good deal of time away from the States. One wonders if Waxhaw is a haven for third culturalism..heheheh....okok...that was below the belt. Nonetheless, I admire the townsfolk for their sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel.


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