Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ain't Enough

This is a song written by my dear friend Lyndon which I find very sincere and at times speaks about my state of mind.

Ain't Enough

Another bus stop on another rainy night
You're all alone again alone with your thoughts
Somehow it always ends the same
Maybe you are the one to blame

You wish you could fly away
Fly away from here

You're caught up in dreams and you're spinning around
When you're up there you wish that you'd never come down
Ot makes you feel better and it's easier this way
But it ain't enough to get you through the day

Another failed attempt and another disappointment
No one was there to catch you when you fell
You don't know how to turn your life around
Seems like the answer can't be found

You wish you could fly away
Fly away from here

In your imagination there is a perfect world
You go there when you hurt
It is a place where you can simply be
But what are you going to do when you are back in reality

Yeah....speaks for itself. Don't you get the feeling sometimes that whatever you do or whatever you say it's never enough? At the end of the day its you who isn't enough.......


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