Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bobbert is sorry

Bobbert has come to the realisation that inadvertently he has caused much grieve to someone who is dear to him. To that he is very sorry. Bobbert now knows that he let his desires get in the way of the friendship, at a crucial time that you needed him to be just your friend. As a result, Bobbert couldn't give you the emotional, spiritual support that you needed. Bobbert knows he needs to step back and fulfil the role of your best friend and he asks for your forgiveness and patience. Bobbert also know that he has allowed himself to be clouded by his fears and thus inhibited him from understanding you. The understanding that was so special between us.

Bobbert now knows that he has to turn back and knows that he has to wait his chance. Bobbert promises to walk with you though this journey.


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