Thursday, September 01, 2005

Mars Attack!!!

Alien sighting...down at Ehringhaus South room 237....and guess what? He's ancient! Gasp!

Yup, that's me. Legal Alien in Chapel Hill. I finally got a taste of being an alien in a foreign land and I have to say it can be an unsettling experience, especially when you enter a class and know no one. Feels like year one sem one all over again. Luckily, taking the good advice (which I seldom do) of my friends and mentors, I decided to join Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship. And boy was I glad I did. The people are generally welcoming and some take the trouble to meet up with you and invite you to their activities. You have no idea how settling that feels. Bottomline: One will always feel more settled and at ease when one knows that there are folks out there who are interested in his life and are willing to invest time into it.

To my brethens in IFG back home, I salute you!

Oh yes, one of my History professors who read my blog (see? I told you Historians are nice people) asked me if my current MSN icon reflects my mood. All I can say is, its meant to be a joke! My friend, Shaun, and I are starting a small undertaking, helping people customise guitars and the name The SS (Hitler's bodyguards) popped out as it represents our initials. So we decided to expand on this thought and come up with our "company logo" and hence Hitler. It's not official as I don't think the government will like us very much.

Some other failed options:
SS Customs - unacceptable as it sounded too much like Nazi immigration.


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