Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bobbert wonders

Where has the person gone
When he was 18 and ready to take the world
To have had the energy to hold on for so long
Without expecting anything in return

I miss that person. Who at 18 commited himself to something he couldn't possibly have. He was genuinely contented just to be on the side. Though nothing ever materialised, he generally had fond memories of those 3 years of his life. Now the thing has passed. He can faithfully say that things are better than before. He thanks God everyday for the friendship that developed out of that.

I wonder where did he go. That person who was perhaps foolishly brave. To have held on for so long. Is something that daunts me no end.

I need him back. For the circumstances demands it. Though he fell in another incident years later. I'm sure he will be around to be found. If not for anyone's sake but his own.


At 2:58 AM, Blogger chien said...


you'll find him. i know you will.


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