Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Chance meeting

I ran into my old mentor F while I was out and about. We haven't had a good chat for the longest time and the irony of it all is that we both attend the same church and while I am involved in VCF, he is a full time staff in its parent organisation, FES. Since we both had nothing much to do, coffee seemed like the optimum agenda.

The thing about F is that he is a thinker. His thoughts usually centres upon his faith and his walk. He shared his struggle with his desires intently with me. Desire apart from God serves to bring us into conflict with Him and His will. The only way to overcome this is be broken by God and to surrender to His will. This brought the song written by my friend Whack to my mind. In it it goes "Desire is a many headed beast". Indeed desire is something that can be untame and chaotic; if left to its own devices can cause unimaginable damage.

This led me to reflect on my own struggle with my desires. The beast which is desire was indeed loose and I can only imagine what that beast has done. It pains me more when I realised the hurt caused to people dear to me. Perhaps its time to shape up.

And in a classic F moment, he shared to me about this poly dude in his campus ministry who is blind yet truely he is the one who sees.


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