Saturday, June 10, 2006

That night

Was struggling to complete a bible study for VCF's CG guide. Having no inspiration so resorted to this. Remembered a conversation I had with an aquaintance. Someone perhaps at one point played a major role in events of my university life.

The point is not to relate the past events. But something he said struck me. He described himself as defined by his past and his present state of emotions was a consequence of him holding onto his past.

As students of History, we understand that history is necessary subjective for the historian chooses information which he deems as important to weave into a coherant narrative. The late great E H Carr espouses this.

So, what we understand today about history necessarily goes through a process of selection and discarding. Same goes for our own personal stories.

The question is why do some, myself included, always allow ourselves to be defined by events that are less than jolly. For it clouds our self perception and judgement of our situation.

I'm only beginning to see my folly.