Tuesday, November 29, 2005

No good title

I realised I haven't updated in a while after Paul yelled at me to ease his boredom by putting in a new entry. I'm down to 8 more days of lessons and thereafter 5 days of exams. Of all the modules I start of with I got to start with that blasted religion module.

By far, RELI 21 has to be the worst module I have ever ever ever taken and probably will take. Not that it messes with my faith, the lecturer is absolutely unengaging. While this module used to be boring and easy, it is now hard and boring. The crux of the module is to look at the old testament through historical evidence. So, basically we spent the semester debunking the credibility of the old testament by looking at authorship and archaeology.

At the end of the day, I figured that judging scripture by logic conceived by man will only sell short the full value of scripture. I guess its harder to believe than not to.

On a lighter note, thanksgiving was a relaxing affair. Eating every 2 hours and sleeping in between. The Depps were wonderful host though Waxhaw, North Carolina is as sleepy as sleepy can get. Waxhaw only has 1, ONE, SATU, YI, EIN traffic light. Go figure.

2.5 weeks till the end of semester. 4.5 weeks till I get home. I think I'm ready to be home.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Haven't you had enough of the army?

Nope I haven't. For the past 2 Saturdays I went down to Greensboro to do a bit of shooting with John and some of John's hometown friends. Well, I realised if I were an American, I would have an additional obsession apart from my current ones of books, CDs and guitars.....guns!

So we were over at the Languas and between brothers Steven and Joseph, they have enough firearms in their house to fight off an entire army. We spent the afternoon shooting targets placed about 100 yards away with sporterised M16 and various versions of AK47s. We also did some skeet shooting with shotguns...well...I sucked at that

The next week we got a bit more ambitious. Targets at 200 yards. Even through the scope the targets were like little dots. New found respect for them snipers. But we had fun making a complete mess of some left over pumkins from halloween by pumping all sort of ammo into them.

Guns fired:
Draganov (Sniper version of AK47)
Various 12 and 20 gauge Shotguns
SAKO .243 bolt rifle
Remington .300 Single Shot Rifle
Turkish replica KAR98

Oh yes, I also have developed more respect for those who served in WW2. Those bolts are real stiff. It would have been a pain to operate them under pressure.

Well, Steve did invite us for a third week...this time to shoot his collection of pistols. Looks like I'm gonna have more things to destroy.