Monday, February 06, 2006

Readings Woes

Which is worse?

To understand nothing?

Or to find nothing to understand?

Go figure.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Words and more words

Would it be any different
If I could turn back time
To the point of my decision
Where I made my stand

It doesn't really matter
For the choice as been made
The path ahead is uncertain
And I'm unable to see ahead

So I stand in the crossroads
Unsure really what to expect
Carrying a mix bag of emotions
And fighting back the strain

The double-edged sword I wield
Of caring for someone so dear
To be her friend yet her suitor
Is a challenge that needs to be met

My own fears and doubts
Sometimes manifest itself in words
But to be ruled by insecurities
Would be a huge detriment indeed

Taking a step back to ponder and reflect
Upon the situation that I'm in
A sudden realisation has been made
And a resolution in its wake

Patience and trust I do not have
Baggages of the past still being borne
The need for me to step out
Presents an opportunity to grow

Abide in the will I must
And submit myself into the hands
For I know there are plans for me
And a sweet convenant of faith

Uncertain still I am of what lies ahead
But my choice has been made
So I will walk along in assurance
With the promises made

Bobbert, 2006